i've always either went to miami for work or with family. i've always wanted to explore it a little but also partake in the idea of miami. i had a chance to travel with a group of good friends to see the weeknd perform but what happened after the show was so fun. from confusing uber trips to getting drunk to edm music in outdoor clubs. btw edm sounds better when you're under the influence. i've never been the type to dance at these types of things if not ever. i think this was the first time signal of me finally opening up more and enjoying myself like i never have before. the next morning tiffany and i explored the area and also saw wynwood walls again with everyone. this time we had all of the time in the world i actually got to enjoy it more than the last couple of times i visited. every stroke of paint that resided on each wall filled me with more inspiration. we found ourselves back on the road towards home. i finally used the feature on my camera that allowed me to edit photos on my phone so everything you see here was brought to you by the future! (i tried to sound cool and ended of more dorky than usual)