north carolina mnts

coming from a very flat state, all i've ever seen was beaches and cityscapes so seeing mountains for the first time was definitely an eye opener to me. i've always seen photos of people hiking and i would always cry inside because i wanted to photograph something like that. i was very fortunate to have friends who made that dream of mine come true for me. driving three hours outside of charlotte, nc with hnin, hboan, chris, & danielle to the outskirts of brevard county touching tennessee. snow was still left over the ground as we began hiking. as i followed my bestfriend, hnin i dug my boot into the snow. i haven't seen snow since 2001 in london as a child and boy, did i miss looking at how majestic it looked and felt. we reach the top on max patch mountain and i was deeply overwhelmed by how blue the mountains were in the distance. what was just a dream to photograph the scenery turned into something deeper. i forgot about all of my worries i had coming into the new year. instead, i realized how small my problems were and how big and beautiful the world is. i needed this more than i thought and i'm so grateful. i hope to see more of the world this year and onwards.

new york!

i recently had the chance to venture out into new york with my friend, jamaal (dweeb lifestyle) and his wife, britt. they were great hosts and showed me around nyc like i have never seen before. a lot of my family reside there but i never got to actually explore especially as a photographer. jamaal and britt made sure my experience felt as local as possible skipping most of the main attractions (except the dumbo) eating local food (my favorite part) and really seeing it how they saw it on a daily basis. we booked models together and they helped me greatly with maneuvering around so i could try my hand in street photography. many thanks to jamaal and britt and i hope to see you soon for another journey in a new location! here's a stroll through memory lane: