nevada // utah

as soon as i landed i felt a sudden rush of adrenaline because i had absolutely no idea what i had in store for me. no real plans other than attending WPPI and helping out the good people at the SNAPSHOTS app and listening in to seminars hosted by great photographers who draped their earned knowledge on us. i roamed las vegas more than i sat down. walking 10 miles every single day but i loved it even though my legs didn't. i jumped on a ride to the beautiful vast state of utah and nearly had a heart attack at every turn on the winding roads. the views of massive rock formations lined the path like jewelry and was just as gorgeous to gaze at. as the car climbed higher it became colder. we entered a portion of kolob canyon and my eyes grew bigger. this is the second time i've ever seen a mountain up close. i never really know what to do with myself when i'm in these situations. i get so excited and overwhelmed that i always have to take a moment to recollect. we waited until nightfall to take our photos back in nevada at the valley of fire. i ended up taking my first long exposure photo ever. it was so dark outside and the stars peeked through perfectly. before the flight days later i decided to join some of my friends at snapshots and journey with them to red rock mountain. as my third ever mountain experience i knew it had to be different and it definitely was. rock climbing quickly went from risky to adventurous for me. squeezing and scaling through to see a bigger picture was breathtaking. i returned to the airport literally hours later in a sweaty flannel and bruised hiking boots to fly back home. (for now)