washington dc!

this was definitely one of those journeys where i felt invincible. it gave me a sneak peek of my dream of being a traveling photographer. the idea of hopping unto an early flight and landing somewhere i've never been to, meeting up with my good friend, jamaal then heading straight to a photo shoot. that. that makes me so happy. walking into a beautiful loft with wardrobe ready and a make up artist perfecting our model for the day.  i feel like my dreams are starting to become more attainable each and every time i venture off. jamaal and his wife brittany welcomed me into their place with a welcome note to me pinned next to the door. we barely spent time in their home unless i was editing after a long but great day of exploring. i did 3 shoots while i was there. one with elyse, a couples shoot with maal, britt and their puppy bolo, and ariana. the deep talks with jamaal on our metro rides was definitely the highlight. being able to talk about creative struggles and our newest ideas was so refreshing. he's the type of person who carries a glow about them who will eventually form into a huge light beam. there were nuggets of knowledge that i'll always hold onto. this is only the beginning.