yosemite // lake tahoe // las vegas

with repeated visits to REI and other stores a group of old and new friends set off to our biggest journey yet. i landed in LAX after almost missing my connecting flight. after hearing a last warning to board i found myself running with a kid in a cool hat that simply asked me "going to LA too, huh?" all i could muster was "let's do this!" and we barely made it. i've only started hiking a few months ago in the smallest capacity with only day hikes. i never in my life camped before and waking up to a bristling cold morning 6000ft feet above ground in the vast little yosemite valley was truly eye opening. i woke up to a dead cellphone, rain drops lightly falling upon my tent, and my friends rustling about. i seemed to have forgotten the grueling hike up to get to my destination and the access to the outside world that i utilized so often. i was disconnected yet connected all in the same. i was suddenly sitting in a hammock joking around with whoever wasn't by the camp fire. i slowly rocked back and forth continuously staring at the mountains in the foreground. we were very happy to finally wear our day packs versus wearing our 30lb+ packs as we started on another 4 mile hike up to cloud's rest. as the air grew thinner so did my energy but the beauty i found with hiking was the view at the end was the biggest treasure. sure, it was hard but to see the world in a newer vantage point was the best part. from one amazing view suddenly changed into the crystal blue and icy surrounding mountains of lake tahoe. this was one of the highlights to my trip. climbing over each rock to get closer was all i wanted to do. i found myself with my friends just staring out and realizing what we were actually looking at. we each had our own ideas of what we were glaring at but i'm sure we all were completely blown away. we checked out of a hotel for two that could probably only fit one but somehow fit five people and continued onto las vegas as our last destination before flying back home in LA. las vegas was where we completely decompressed from being people of the wild for so many days. we indulged in drinks and laughter amongst the night's lights. it was honestly amazing to me to find myself amongst people with so much love in them and caring for each other each step of the way. when i rushed to board my flight all i could think about was how lucky i was to see this part of the world with tiffany, david, kenny, kaydee, reathany, & amanda. thank you so much. wow.